We are proud to announce…

…Chef Wojciech Modest Amaro wins Poland’s first Michelin star for culinary excellence! Congratulations!

amaro, photoAtelier Amaro•© Bartosz Bobkowski / Agencja Gazeta

His extreme dedication, imagination and exceptional approach to Polish traditional cuisine reveals the most unexpected combinations in his servings. You never know what to expect and you are highly surprised with what you are eating, even though you are often very  familiar with the raw ingredients that are being used.

Atelier Amaro’s does not have a fixed menu, dishes change with the seasons and depend upon what fresh  ingredients are locally available, with a big focus on wildly grown edible flowers, herbs and mosses. Meat eaters will get a real treat, Atelier Amaro is certainly the only place in Poland where you can taste wild game prepared with such mystery.

But for us the most important thing is that Wojtek will be actively participating in our project Art Food. This Spring he will lead workshops with Polish students from School of Form in Poznan and will guide them through meanders of haut cuisine and beyond.

And in the meantime we invite you to Atelier Amaro , make sure you make a reservation way in advance! It’s worth the waiting.

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