We have just started the project. School of Form begins first.


Brief Introduction of the project. ART FOOD 2013

On the conditions in the culinary culture.

Art Food project is a design challenge and responds to the new demands in the culinary culture that in recent years expands into array of new trends, styles and directions. We enter unparalleled condition where food becomes an eatable concept, a supply of refine experience in testing unknown and unrecognizable substances with compositions of flavors that raise new sense of taste and provide unconventional culinary experience. The science of taste, chemistry of food and anatomy of eating are today culinary art, craft and design. The process is closer to alchemy works than to the cooking, as we know it. The chefs are creative directors of their kitchens who compete in experimenting with what else could be new eatable material. The dishes served are compositions not only in flavor but highly esthetic formations of 3 dimensional sculptures with painterly effects of colors, textures and forms. The form of food has changed drastically, familiar and recognizable elements had disappeared, giving place to new ambiguous substances with different look, textures and colors and totally new flavors. Conventional dishes, platters and bowls became insufficient for this innovative eatable product and with the restless imaginations of creative chefs, there is demand for new ceramic designs to accommodate this innovative and unusual output.

On the role of a ceramic designer.

Unlike other design projects, this one has a very specific condition. Designing for culinary art requires product development that accommodates creative potential of another person.The chef. By providing full range of possibilities and giving chefs neutral form to arrange his material, we actually collaborate with another designer who will complete the work with his own composition. This composition will integrate with the porcelain form, which was produced by the ceramic designer. For that reason culinary design should evolve in tight cooperation with the restaurant and its chef and to answer the physical and esthetical requirements in the restaurant serving. Successful design in this direction is based on good orientation of the substances, materials and recipes, which will be used by the chef. Imagination, diversity in utility and esthetics with practical solutions are the main ingredients in this project.

The works must have excellent appearance and be very well executed to the smallest details. The quality is very important; on the final exhibit professionals from the field will review and evaluate these works. The project will be produced by students in the porcelain industry in Cmielow, where the material and processes are highly professional. There are several presentations of the Art Food project being planned in 2013, Poznan, London and perhaps in Lodz Design Festival and each student will have to produce several sets of his/her collection ( minimum 3 ).

Marek Cecula

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