To all Art Food followers


After a long incubation the time comes to awake the project and begin the process.

My first direct introduction of the project was to the students from the School of Form in Poznan, Poland. Olga Milczynska, instructor at the ceramic department, prepared a group of 13 students, leading them to a better understanding of the subject of the culinary culture.

On Tuesday, April 23rd, I met the group of the second year students and in a short time I was convinced that I have a mature design group ready to engage in this challenging project.
The students (all females by the way) showed curiosity and interest in the subject and the introduction was active and inspirational. The ceramic form as a canvas for a creative chef was presented, discussed and put into a perspective for a potential innovative product.
It was good to see the students’ understanding of the benefits of this experience and the opportunity of designing actual product in the industrial environment.
During the three days workshops, we’ve built a groundwork for development of the concepts and links to the ideas that will evolve and take shapes during the next four weeks. I will be again in School of Form for the final review on May 21, 22,23.

The group gathers mainly product design students and although ceramic processes and techniques are familiar to them, many will use 3D printers to make their models.
During our introduction we have invited a very influential guest, Wojciech Modest Amaro, the renown chef and owner of one of the best restaurants in Poland “Atelier Amaro”. Him and his restaurant just were awarded with the highest culinary prize, the Michelin Star. We are extremely privileged to get him to come for a talk with students and inspire them with his orientation and vision. He will be coming again during the exhibit we will hold in Concordia Design gallery in Poznan where we will have his last touch in the composition of the final Art Food public presentation.

Now there is time for the next tour of introduction for the students in Royal College of Art in London, where the idea of this project is brewing already for some time in the department of Glass and Ceramics.
I’m looking forward for the further development of this exciting project which is constantly growing in many surprising directions. We’ll keep you posted!

This site is also a platform for our communication so we welcome your input and interesting material on the subject which you’d like to share or questions you’d like to ask.

Marek Cecula

You can download the full calendar of the Art Food project here:  art food calendar


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