RCA starts with the real thing!


As Marek Cecula had arrived in London this Monday, the Art Food project immediately went on the high gear.

The students from RCA attended workshops in Launceston Place,
a sophisticated Kensington restaurant with the passionate chef Tim Allen who joined the place in February 2012. Tim, just like Wojciech Amaro in Poland, got awarded with a Michelin Star, so the students from both colleges get insights from the bests of the bests!

The lecture that followed the workshops was as much inspiring as eye ( well, all the tastes ) opening. William Sitwell, a writer, editor (of Waitrose Kitchen) gave exceptional presentation that stimulated the students to think and research more into the areas that they previously didn’t think about. The Art Food project is certainly a wonderful stimulant for the young designers to break all the established rules in food servings. With carefully chosen paertners and lecturers, the students have a chance to get specific knowledge that they otherwise wouldn’t achieve during their regular school courses.
And this is only the beginning!

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  1. such an amazing project, such amazing energy, Great ideas from the little that I’ve seen 🙂

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