Monthly Archives: June 2013

3 days left

It’s been really busy on all the fronts of the Art Food project. All the parties involved are still working super hard to have everything ready for Monday. Students in both schools are giving final touches to their models and some are already packing. Modus Design team is cleaning up the studio and preparing all […]

We are also working hard

While students in both schools are speeding up to prepare their models for producing their designs, the workers in Ćmielów Design Studio are rushing to make the studio ready for students arrival. There is still a lot of things to be done, but the workstations are set and some equipment is already in place. Marek […]

progress, progress…

Only 3 weeks are left for the students to develop their final concepts and prepare production ready models. On June 30th, they will begin their journey to the factory in Cmielow and with the beginning of July they will start with a real industrial process in the specially prepared Cmielow Design Studio that will host […]