3 days left


It’s been really busy on all the fronts of the Art Food project. All the parties involved are still working super hard to have everything ready for Monday. Students in both schools are giving final touches to their models and some are already packing. Modus Design team is cleaning up the studio and preparing all the working stations, PR teams are releasing the first information about the project and the coordinators are making sure that the trip to the factory will be seamless. uff….. In three days we will all get together in Ćmielów, Poland.

To counterbalance the hard work in the sweaty, industrial environment, we have chosen a nice spot for your accommodation, so you could relax after long hours in the factory.  In “Smykow Inn”, you will find peace, micro-climate, organic home cooked food and mushrooms in the nearby forest.

See the photos and don’t forget to pack your costume and sunglasses, there will be some vacation time added!

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