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21st of May 2013, School of Form Poznan

This is the second time we met with students from SoF in process of constructing the Art Food Project. This time, the project got a good shot of energy and after a short brainstorming we started consultations. We conducted a constructive critic of existing concepts and pushed some cloudy ideas into more appropriate direction. The […]

RCA Quick Peek

During yesterday’s intensive workshops there was a lot to analyze. 3D brainstorming, sketching and lots of discussions led the students to some interesting solutions. Chef Tim Allen is coming to review the projects on Friday and 6 best proposals will be chosen. We are waiting for the next update to show the most interesting projects. […]

RCA starts with the real thing!

As Marek Cecula had arrived in London this Monday, the Art Food project immediately went on the high gear. The students from RCA attended workshops in Launceston Place, a sophisticated Kensington restaurant with the passionate chef Tim Allen who joined the place in February 2012. Tim, just like Wojciech Amaro in Poland, got awarded with a Michelin Star, so the students from both […]