RCA project updates

 Art Food  Schedule

 29th April, Monday
Advertise Food Art project and discuss involvement and commitment with students. Sign up sheet for selection

7th, 8th & 9th May
1st year Interim examinations

9th May
Staff select 6 students to participate in project MS /FA

 13th May, Monday
Introduce food project, timetable of events. FA

 14th May,Tuesday, Day 1
Marek Cecula arrives
9.30 am Meeting and presentation from Chef Tim Allen at Launceston Place.
11.30am Meeting with Marek – ideas development
PM – research and concept development

15th May,Wednesday, Day 2
Presentation from Food critic William Sitwell – To be confirmed
PM – research and concept development

16th May, Thursday, Day 3
Research and concept development
Rodrigo available to work with students on renderings and other IT needs

17th May, Friday, Day 4
Research and Idea development
PM student presentation and critic of designs MC /FA
Marek Cecula departs

 21st May, Tuesday
Possible date for Chef to discuss designs with students –( unavailable before this date)

 22nd May, Wednesday (plus additional dates to be discussed)
Tavs Jorgenson/Stefan Stefanou to assist with prototyping

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