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the opening was very successful

After the whole semester of intensive work that was finalized in Cmielow Design Studio, where the students, teachers and assistants were sweating to finish everything on time, we could finally see the results in Poznan at Concordia Design. This is the first of four presentations of the Art Food project that is so well received […]

The first part of the Art Food Project in London finalized

After very intense 4 days workshops, 6 students were selected to continue developing their ideas into real products. Very high level of proposals from RCA students make it very promising for the final results. The chef Timm Allen and Marek Cecula, the leader of the project, were very impressed with the creativity and exceptional skills […]

RCA starts with the real thing!

As Marek Cecula had arrived in London this Monday, the Art Food project immediately went on the high gear. The students from RCA attended workshops in Launceston Place, a sophisticated Kensington restaurant with the passionate chef Tim Allen who joined the place in February 2012. Tim, just like Wojciech Amaro in Poland, got awarded with a Michelin Star, so the students from both […]

The project has begun. The School of Form starts first.

Introduction of the project. ART FOOD 2013 On the conditions in the culinary culture. Art Food project is a design challenge and responds to the new demands in the culinary culture that in recent years expands into array of new trends, styles and directions. We enter unparalleled condition where food becomes an eatable concept, a […]

Time to launch the project

As Spring has finally arrived and new, fresh energy is in the air, time has come to officially launch the Art Food project along with its brand new logo that was born in Anna Ostapowicz Atelier. Next week, the students from School of Form will start their research and workshops with Marek Cecula and the […]

Dutch way

A vessel is an integral part of a meal. According to certain chefs a dish is only a canvas for food presentation, but for some it is an integral part of the serving that plays equally strong role in parallel to the food arrangement. Those who think different, act different, and collaboration with designers is […]


KABO & PYDO – Katarzyna Borkowska & Tomasz Pydo, the design duo with their fresh view on way of serving food. Their proposition of minimalistic dishes based on simple geometric forms gives endless possibilities for creating imaginative arranements on the table ( and beyond ). The system is based on rather basic figures: triangle, rhombus, and hexagon but it allows to […]