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RCA starts with the real thing!

As Marek Cecula had arrived in London this Monday, the Art Food project immediately went on the high gear. The students from RCA attended workshops in Launceston Place, a sophisticated Kensington restaurant with the passionate chef Tim Allen who joined the place in February 2012. Tim, just like Wojciech Amaro in Poland, got awarded with a Michelin Star, so the students from both […]

To all Art Food followers

After a long incubation the time comes to awake the project and begin the process. My first direct introduction of the project was to the students from the School of Form in Poznan, Poland. Olga Milczynska, instructor at the ceramic department, prepared a group of 13 students, leading them to a better understanding of the […]

TAPAS MICROS by Ryan Fletcher

“Tapas Micros” is a set of porcelain, restaurant serve-ware designed to accommodate a Micro Menu. The micro menu is a new trend in restaurants; restaurateurs are served several (sometimes 10 or more) courses of highly conceptual and sculptural food. The small bites, or “tastings” as they are sometimes called, accentuate textures of food and simple […]