Art Food project overview

Kathryn Hinton Exhausted Cutlery

Kathryn Hinton: Exhausted Cutlery

In pursuing ceramic design education, new project is taking place, offering students experience based on realistic condition in designing, creating and communicating new ideas.
The approach is to take education out of the school into the real world, to seek conditions that prepare students for professional work within material base medium (ceramics)
Intention is to cooperate with the ceramic industry where students can execute their projects, gain experience and create contacts with the producers.
The aim of this project is to design functional ceramic objects for displaying and presenting culinary art and to develop porcelain forms that show beauty of food and serve as canvas for gourmet works of the chefs and food stylists.
The students will execute their work in Polish porcelain factory Cmielow during 3 weeks residency during the summer break in August 2013.

The results of the project will be exhibited in Poznan, Poland and London, UK (exact locations will be announced).

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