Lodz Design Festival had opened with a huge crowd last Thursday. The energy was fantastic as hundreds of creative people had gathered at Targowa Street in Lodz. There were intensive talks, loud laughs, exchange of thoughts and ideas between designers, media, clients and the general public . If you were not there for the opening, […]

On Friday, Art Food will be exhibited in Łódź, during the Łódź Design Festival 2013. The Festival, organised by Łódź Art Center, is currently the most important international-scale event focusing on design in Poland, with over 200 thousand visitors during the 6 past editions. This year, a specific focus is put on the following 3 […]

We are very happy to share the Art Food catalog with you. It features all the designs and gives an overview on the whole project. We hope you will enjoy! Art Food_catalog GRAPHIC DESIGN: Anna Ostapowicz Atelier, http://www.annaostapowicz.com PHOTOS: works: Cezary Hładki, http://www.cezaryhladki.pl people: Arkadiusz Szwed, http://www.szwedarkadiusz.carbonmade.com Printed in Poland: Apla, http://www.apla.net.pl Copyright © Adam […]

Thursday’s opening night of the Art Food at the Flow Gallery in London’s Nottinghill was truly stunning. The cameral display put bright light on the beautiful porcelain and glass objects defining the essence of the project. Curious visitors had a chance to talk with young designers and learn about the process and stories behind their […]

As the London Design Festival is approaching, we are preparing the Art Food exhibition at the Flow Gallery. The show is chosen by Wallpaper* as one of the top twenty! We are proud and glad that the project will be on view during this extremely busy event and are hoping to see you there! http://www.wallpaper.com/design/london-design-festival-2013-preview-the-top-20-events/6734#85912

The Art Food project will be soon exhibited during London Design Festival and immediately after is going to another venue. Below you’ll find complete information about all Art Food 2013 presentations. Hope to see you! LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL Flow Gallery 1-5 Needham Road, London W11 2RP Private View: Thursday 19 September: 6pm-8pm 16-21 September: 11am – 6pm; 22 […]

After the whole semester of intensive work that was finalized in Cmielow Design Studio, where the students, teachers and assistants were sweating to finish everything on time, we could finally see the results in Poznan at Concordia Design. This is the first of four presentations of the Art Food project that is so well received […]

The results are simply beautiful. Marta Szostek, School of Form, fot. Cezary Hładki  Andrew Deem, Royal College of Art, fot. Cezary Hładki Emma Finch, Royal College of Art, fot. Cezary Hładki  Ewelina Wisniowska, Royal College of Art, fot. Cezary Hładki  I Liang Liu, Royal College of Art, fot. Cezary Hładki  Landon Peck, Royal College of Art, fot. Cezary Hładki  Rachel Victoria Cox, […]

Video by K. Łuka, M. Sokołowski, A. Sural form from culture.pl. Art Food on Tour: 1-21.07 Workshops with Marek Cecuła at the w Ćmielów Porcelain Factory 25.07-8.08 Show at Concordia, Poznań 14-22.09 Show at London Design Week 28.09-10.11 Show at British Ceramics Biennial, Stroke-on-Tent 17-27.10 Show at Łódź Design Festival Source: culture.pl

ART FOOD – STUDENTS DESIGN TABLEWARE TO ENHANCE THE BEAUTY OF FOOD You’re in your favourite restaurant enjoying a selection of culinary delights – what if the tableware was as artfully crafted as the food and could enhance your enjoyment of eating? This is the aim of Art Food a new project and exhibition from […]

Almost tree weeks had passed since the students’ arrival in Cmielow Design Studio. A lot has been accomplished.  We already went through mold making, casting, bics firing, glazing, high firing and are now working on decorations. Tomorrow, we will be making the final selection of pieces that will go for the exhibition, it’s only a […]

We are almost half way through the process and to cheer everybody up, we (the organizers) sent them a very nice present- the Art Food T-shirts! Now they really feel like they belong together. One, unified, international and hard working group of happy students. Everybody feels in the factory like in their new home, they […]

With no time to write, we simply post photos today…

It was rather unimaginable for the students that they will be working THIS HARD… Well, yes, it is a factory and it is the project leaded by Marek Cecula. Wake up call at 6 am every morning, quick breakfast, bus to the factory at 7:25 am and the early morning fight with plaster. The first […]

It’s been really busy on all the fronts of the Art Food project. All the parties involved are still working super hard to have everything ready for Monday. Students in both schools are giving final touches to their models and some are already packing. Modus Design team is cleaning up the studio and preparing all […]

While students in both schools are speeding up to prepare their models for producing their designs, the workers in Ćmielów Design Studio are rushing to make the studio ready for students arrival. There is still a lot of things to be done, but the workstations are set and some equipment is already in place. Marek […]

Only 3 weeks are left for the students to develop their final concepts and prepare production ready models. On June 30th, they will begin their journey to the factory in Cmielow and with the beginning of July they will start with a real industrial process in the specially prepared Cmielow Design Studio that will host […]

This is the second time we met with students from SoF in process of constructing the Art Food Project. This time, the project got a good shot of energy and after a short brainstorming we started consultations. We conducted a constructive critic of existing concepts and pushed some cloudy ideas into more appropriate direction. The […]

After very intense 4 days workshops, 6 students were selected to continue developing their ideas into real products. Very high level of proposals from RCA students make it very promising for the final results. The chef Timm Allen and Marek Cecula, the leader of the project, were very impressed with the creativity and exceptional skills […]

During yesterday’s intensive workshops there was a lot to analyze. 3D brainstorming, sketching and lots of discussions led the students to some interesting solutions. Chef Tim Allen is coming to review the projects on Friday and 6 best proposals will be chosen. We are waiting for the next update to show the most interesting projects. […]

As Marek Cecula had arrived in London this Monday, the Art Food project immediately went on the high gear. The students from RCA attended workshops in Launceston Place, a sophisticated Kensington restaurant with the passionate chef Tim Allen who joined the place in February 2012. Tim, just like Wojciech Amaro in Poland, got awarded with a Michelin Star, so the students from both […]

After a long incubation the time comes to awake the project and begin the process. My first direct introduction of the project was to the students from the School of Form in Poznan, Poland. Olga Milczynska, instructor at the ceramic department, prepared a group of 13 students, leading them to a better understanding of the […]

Introduction of the project. ART FOOD 2013 On the conditions in the culinary culture. Art Food project is a design challenge and responds to the new demands in the culinary culture that in recent years expands into array of new trends, styles and directions. We enter unparalleled condition where food becomes an eatable concept, a […]

As Spring has finally arrived and new, fresh energy is in the air, time has come to officially launch the Art Food project along with its brand new logo that was born in Anna Ostapowicz Atelier. Next week, the students from School of Form will start their research and workshops with Marek Cecula and the […]

…Chef Wojciech Modest Amaro wins Poland’s first Michelin star for culinary excellence! Congratulations! Atelier Amaro•© Bartosz Bobkowski / Agencja Gazeta His extreme dedication, imagination and exceptional approach to Polish traditional cuisine reveals the most unexpected combinations in his servings. You never know what to expect and you are highly surprised with what you are eating, even […]

A vessel is an integral part of a meal. According to certain chefs a dish is only a canvas for food presentation, but for some it is an integral part of the serving that plays equally strong role in parallel to the food arrangement. Those who think different, act different, and collaboration with designers is […]

Pinch Food Design, a bold new brand of catering powered by a state-of-the-art kitchen and design workshop devoted solely to the creation of one-of-a-kind “food furniture.” ENJOY!

“Tapas Micros” is a set of porcelain, restaurant serve-ware designed to accommodate a Micro Menu. The micro menu is a new trend in restaurants; restaurateurs are served several (sometimes 10 or more) courses of highly conceptual and sculptural food. The small bites, or “tastings” as they are sometimes called, accentuate textures of food and simple […]

KABO & PYDO – Katarzyna Borkowska & Tomasz Pydo, the design duo with their fresh view on way of serving food. Their proposition of minimalistic dishes based on simple geometric forms gives endless possibilities for creating imaginative arranements on the table ( and beyond ). The system is based on rather basic figures: triangle, rhombus, and hexagon but it allows to […]

So, time has come to put stuff on the plate. The Art Food project of the year 2014 is starting. We are happy to announce that this year we will be working with the following partners: Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Central St. Martins College, London, UK, The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, […]