so the project in the factory had started…

The general rules are being explained to all

The general rules are being explained to all

It was rather unimaginable for the students that they will be working THIS HARD… Well, yes, it is a factory and it is the project leaded by Marek Cecula. Wake up call at 6 am every morning, quick breakfast, bus to the factory at 7:25 am and the early morning fight with plaster. The first week of the Art Food project in the real industrial environment has begun. However it is super intense and long hours effort, but the first results are already visible and students from both schools are happy and excited. Tens of plaster molds are created,  some modifications are still being made and the most important- the knowledge and experience is being gained minute by minute.

Good news- no work this weekend, a trip to Sandomierz is arranged, so everybody will relax during a visit to a beautiful neighboring old town.

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