Modus Design


Modus Design evolved from a small individual ceramic studio, which began operation in New York City almost 30 years ago. Created by Marek Cecula, noted ceramic artist, designer & educator. Modus Design specializes in innovative ceramic design aligning processes which integrate craft and the industry.

In 2001 Modus Design established a new base for their European operation in Poland, enabling general distribution and production in local industries.

Modus Design offers an alternative viewpoint on domestic products, focusing on the landscape of the table, and reinventing the conventional in contemporary ceramics. All designs are created in high-fired porcelain representing a new approach to this noble and traditional material.

Today, after a two-year absence from the international visibility, Modus Design is resuming its activities in a new form and structure. It is a special moment in our history and one which we awaited long time. Modus Design is entering in cooperation with the Cmielow Porcelain Factory, which is a heritage of Polish porcelain. Now we will have a real chance and real conditions to bring forward the best of our creative potential based on the beautiful hard paste porcelain, the craftsmanship of skillful workers and the tradition of 220 years manufacture.

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