21st of May 2013, School of Form Poznan


This is the second time we met with students from SoF in process of constructing the Art Food Project.

This time, the project got a good shot of energy and after a short brainstorming we started consultations.
We conducted a constructive critic of existing concepts and pushed some cloudy ideas into more appropriate direction. The next day, all works appeared more clearly and in much crisper form,
so we could start the modeling process and the preparation for industrial production.
Students started their work with experimentation and with the help of Olga and Arek ,the first working prototypes were created. It gave students more realistic perspective on the workability of their ideas in next phase of the project.
Many models will be created with the use of new technologies of 3 D printers and CNC.

The next day, we made final evaluation and after intense debate, 6 most promising projects were selected. High standard of the chosen projects confirmed the creativity and imagination of the students, their good interpretation of the subject and adaptation to ceramic materials.
Unfortunately some proposals had to be eliminated in order to meet six available places in the factory’s studio. The students who won’t participate in the summer workshops will finish their projects in the school.

After introducing the subject to the both schools and finishing the preparation to form the stable concepts, the Art Food Project moved to the modeling phase. It will be a critical process of translating the ideas into a three dimensional form. The model.
In this process, the students will be assisted and consulted by instructors, this phase will run for full a month of June.

On July 1st we will be moving for 3 weeks production process to the Cmielow Porcelain Factory.

List of participating students from School of Form:

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